Orthodontics and TMJ in Face philosophy

Speakers: Dr. Domingo Martin, Martina Poldrugač, Ana Blažic, Sandra Čvek

Theoretical part

  • Introduction to face philosophy and goal oriented principles
  • Case mounting
  • Perfect impressions and digital workflow
  • Articulators and what do they tell us
  • Power centric bites
  • Face bow
  • CPI/MPI and the meaning of it
  • Orthopedic stability/ instability and influence on the occlusion
  • Roth Jarabak cephalometric analisys
  • Dental photography, theoretical part

Practical part (every doctor must mount own case in the articulator)

  • Demonstration of perfect impressions
  • Registration of power centric bite
  • Facebow registration
  • Mounting the case in the articulator
  • Demonstration of the CPI/MPI measurement
  • Analisys of mounted cases

November 26th, 27th and 28th 2021.
2. Session, Practical – Introduction to TMJ and DJD

Speakers: Martina Poldrugač, Ivanka Nakić

Theoretical part:

  • TMJ- anatomy, phisiology and patology
  • How to diagnose from the TMJ
  • How to read cbct of the joint, normal joint versus tmd
  • How to read cbct of the neck and relate it to tmj problems
  • Map of pain – diagnostic tool
  • Joint sounds
  • Introduction to splints and indication for splints
  • Case presentation – every participant will present a case for discussion

Practical part

  • Map of pain and muscle problems
  • Phisiotherapy in tmd
  • Dental photography – practical part

February 11th, 12th and 13th 2022.
3. Session, Practical: Introduction to splints

Speakers: Alberto Canabez,Martina Poldrugač, Ivanka Nakić, Sandra Čvek, Nikolina Horčička

Theoretical part

  • Dignosis of tmd
  • Indications for splints
  • 3 piece splint and full coverage splints
  • How to adjust splints

Practical part

  • Adjustment of splints
  • Every participant will adjust a splint

Speakers: Martina Poldrugač, Ana Blažic

  • Treatment protocol in different growth patterns
  • Extraction and non extraction cases
  • Vertical control
  • Closing mechanics
  • Protocol for missing laterals
  • Digital protocols in orthodontics
  • Virtual setup in 3shape ortho analyser
  • Virtual bracket placement

Speakers: Darko Božić, Inigo Gomez

  • Orthodontics and periodontics
  • Adult orthodontics
  • Difficult orthodontic cases
  • Implants and orthodontics
  • Esthetic procedures in periodontology
  • Implant site development
  • Importance of periodontal chart
  • Corticotomies: concepts and indications

Speakers: Ivanka Nakić, Sandra Čvek, Alen Alić

  • Introduction to bioesthetics
  • Mago splints and adjustments
  • Positive and negative coronoplasty, importance of proper tooth morphology
  • The role of technitian in bioesthetics
  • Bioesthetic waxup and mockup
  • Injectable composite technique

Speakers: Dr Javier Aznar, Martina Poldrugač, Ana Blažic, Nena Matulić, Nikolina Horčička

Theoretical part

  • Indication for mini implants
  • Perfect site for mini implants
  • Anchorage control
  • Hibrid hyrax and surgical guide
  • Retromolar implants for distalisation and intrusion
  • Open bite and mini implants
  • Digital workflow – digital scan, fabrication of surgical guide
  • Virtual bracket placement
  • Virtual setup
  • Introduction to Face aligners

Practical part:

  • Demonstration of mini implant placement with a guide
  • Demonstration of retromolar implant placement
  • Practical intraoral scanning with 3shape
  • Practical virtual treatment planning
  • Case selection for orthognatic surgery
  • Limited treatment and early presurgical treatment
  • How to prepare a case for surgery
  • Transversal dimension

Speakers: Martina Poldrugač, Ana Blažic

  • Introduction to mixed dentition protocols
  • First phase and importance
  • 2×4 treatment concept
  • Early treatment of class II
  • Early treatment of class III
  • Serial extraction protocols, enucleations
  • Dealing with transversal problems
  • Mini implants in mixed dentition

Speakers: Domingo Martin, Martina Poldrugač, Ivanka Nakić

  • Adult patients
  • Combining of orthodontics and prosthodontics
  • Use of dental implants for anchorage
  • Difficult cases
  • TMJ problems, orthodontics and bioesthetics
  • Asymmetries